Become A Roga Instructor

Become A Roga Instructor! Keep your eyes peeled for Roga Instructor Training Days around the UK.

What is Roga™?

Roga™ is a popular, growing and fun form of exercise. It’s also the solution to a number of problems commonly faced by active people. Runners often get injured through over-training and lack of flexibility. Meanwhile, people who do only yoga for exercise tend to lack cardio fitness and stamina.

By integrating the two forms of exercise, Roga™ – a unique form of full body workout – was created. This isn’t just some running with some stretching. Roga™ is a fully integrated workout that focuses on different themes each session – such as core strength, agility, balance, breathing and endurance. Each workout includes fitness drills complimented by a structured yoga workout, leaving Rogis fitter, more flexible and stronger in body and soul.

Why should I become a Roga™ instructor?

Roga™ is the next big thing in fitness. It’s a unique workout system that is great fun to teach, educational for participants and helps build body and soul wellbeing. It’s also a fantastic revenue stream for instructors.

Your Roga™ qualification will boost your fitness instructor credentials, and your income. You’ll have a lot of fun teaching classes too.

How much does it cost?

Early Bird registration costs just £300 / Full Price £350.

What does the fee include?

* Intensive one day Roga™ instructor training course, including interactive coaching sessions, guided tuition and peer learning. Refreshments and a delicious vegan lunch are also provided on the day.
* Roga™ training manual including eight themed Roga™ sessions, which can be taught individually or as part of an 8-week Introduction to Roga Course
* Marketing basics: Marketing your Roga™ events, including poster templates and social media advice
* A year-long license to use the Roga™ trademark within given guidelines (renewable annually)
* Your own email address
* Roga™ qualification, if all assessment criteria are met
* Roga™ certificate
* Once qualified, a chance to train as a Roga™ Master, with the opportunity to train other Roga™ instructors

What do I need to be able to train as a Roga Instructor?

To become a Roga™ instructor, you need to already be a fitness professional at least one of the following qualifications, which is valid on the training day:

– UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness
– UK Athletics Coaching Assistant
– Personal Trainer Level 2 or higher
– Yoga 200-hour or Foundation Qualification

To operate as a Roga™ instructor, you’ll need to ensure you have valid Public Liability Insurance; which covers you as a fitness professional, and all the activities undertaken during Roga™ events.

How long will it take me to earn the license fee back?

This depends on how many classes you teach and how much you charge. Roga™ is extremely popular and existing Roga Instructors have earned their fee back by teaching just a few classes.

Note: all earnings from your Roga™ classes are yours to keep. Roga Ltd. does not charge a commission on instructors’ classes.

Any questions?

Please do get in touch with any questions. Email or call 07743.513.225

Freya Thomas
Freya Thomas
Roga Instructor