Become a Roga Instructor

Become A Roga Instructor

Become A Roga Instructor! Keep your eyes peeled for Roga Instructor Training Days around the UK. 

What is Roga™?

Roga™ came about because runners often get injured through over-training and lack of flexibility. Meanwhile, people who do only yoga for exercise tend to lack cardio fitness and stamina. The solution? Roga™.

By integrating the two forms of exercise, a unique form of full body workout was created. This isn’t just some running with some stretching. Roga™ is a fully integrated workout that focuses on different themes each session – such as core strength, agility, balance, breathing and endurance. Each workout includes fitness drills complimented by a structured yoga workout, leaving Rogis fitter, more flexible and stronger in body and soul.

Why should I become a Roga™ instructor?

Roga™ is the next big thing in fitness. It’s a unique workout system that is great fun to teach, educational for participants and helps build body and soul wellbeing. It’s also a fantastic revenue stream for instructors.

Your Roga™ qualification will boost your fitness instructor credentials, and your income.

How much does it cost?

It is just £300 for an Early Bird ticket or £350 for a full ticket.

What does the fee include?

* Full one day Roga™ instructor training course, including refreshments and delicious vegan lunch
* Roga™ training manual including eight themed Roga™ sessions, which can be taught individually or as part of an 8-week Introduction to Roga Course
* Marketing basics: Marketing your Roga™ events
* A year-long license to use Roga™ within given guidelines
* Your own email address
* Roga™ qualification certification, if all assessment criteria are met

What do I need to be able to train as a Roga Instructor?

To become a Roga™ instructor, you need to already be a fitness professional at least one of the following qualifications, which is valid on the training day:

– UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness
– UK Athletics Coaching Assistant
– Personal Trainer Level 2 or higher
– Yoga 200-hour or Foundation Qualification

To operate as a Roga™ instructor, you’ll need to ensure you have valid Public Liability Insurance; which covers you as a fitness professional, and all the activities undertaken during Roga™ events.

How long will it take me to earn the license fee back?

So far, Roga Instructors have been able to earn their license fee back in less then eight Roga sessions!

Any questions?

Please do get in touch with any questions. Email or call 07743.513.225

Freya Thomas
Freya Thomas
Roga Instructor

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